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What is StoreJet Cloud?
Transcend's StoreJet Cloud is a personal cloud storage that provides up to 4TB of private space for your personal data. It features amazingly fast transfer speeds and centralized data management, allowing for efficient storage and immediate access to all your data even if you're miles away.
StoreJet® Cloud
Worldwide access
Imagine that you travel with all your data stored at home without physically bringing a hard drive or USB flash drive with you. You can freely access the StoreJet Cloud anywhere in the world through our exclusive web link and mobile app.
Auto backup
So long as you've got a stable Internet connection, the StoreJet Cloud can automatically back up new photos and videos taken today on your mobile devices.
Media streaming
Supporting AirPlay and Chromecast, the StoreJet Cloud allows casting your favorite videos, films, and music from mobile devices to Apple TV or regular TVs. It also ensures smooth streaming and playback of media files among DLNA compatible devices for entertainment at home.
Mobile App
Download the exclusive StoreJet Cloud app for free to remotely access to all of your digital files. You can set up, upload, back up, and stream data with just a few taps.